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I previously worked on Virtual Reality and other hardware at Valve.  I currently work at Google[x].

Prior to starting at Valve, I built computer peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and joysticks that were designed to be used inside MRI machines.  My company, Mag Design and Engineering, sold these devices directly to researchers at academic institutions who used them to publish scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals.

After work, I spend time on many different types of projects that usually involve circuit design, machining, material selection, and general fabrication/hacking.  My favorite place to be is my home workshop.

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

First test run of 1000W Osram xenon short arc lamp

I have now built this lamp into a searchlight housing.

UPDATE: http://benkrasnow.blogspot.com/2010/10/diy-searchlight-housing-for-1000w-xenon.html

I made a short video showing a test of an Osram 1000W xenon short arc lamp. I plan to build this lamp into a searchlight housing.


  1. Xenon lamps have a high over pressure - even in the cold state. A lamp should never be operated outside a protective lamp housing - not to speak of high UV radiation that can damage eyes and skin. Fan should not be directed transversal to bulb but toward lamp bases. Hope you wear protective clothing, goggles, etc

  2. Thanks for the comment. I've been TIG welding for a while, and so I am familiar with UV hazards and safety precautions. I didn't know about the fan direction, though. You're saying the fan should be mounted so that the airflow is parallel to the lamp's main axis?

    1. Hello Ben. Can you tell me how do you did the parabolic reflector?? I have two searchlight yand the reflector is broken.

    2. http://www.edmundoptics.com/optics/optical-mirrors/focusing-concave-mirrors/large-parabolic-reflectors/1364

  3. Not sure if my last comment was posted (so, here again):
    Yes, airflow should be directed s to flow alongside lamp axis. Only the lamp bases are to be cooled with a transverse air stream. Please do operate the lamp only inside a protective housing as the lamp contains Xenon gas under high over pressure (even when cold) and the gas pressure triples during the hot state. So, wearing full protective body gear is a must.

  4. Please post some schematics of the ignition circuit...

  5. I really hope you're wearing FULL protective clothing including a polyurethane face shield. Those lamps tend to explode. I have seen the devastation one can cause in a lamphouse of a cinema projector. You should ensure that you strictly follow the cooling instructions, as wrong cooling can lead to fatal tension in the glass.