Saturday, June 29, 2013

Milling machine tutorial - cutter selection, speeds and feeds, coolant, high speed machining

I discuss the basics of selecting the right cutter for the job, choosing feeds and speeds, and general setup and planning of CNC milling machine cuts.

New high vacuum system

I'm building a physical vapor deposition rig, which will be an interesting tool for creating optical coatings, SEM sample preparation, and maybe even thin film transistors. So far, I only have the pump and Penning gauge connected to the chamber. Soon, I'll have high-current and high-voltage ports in the base plate for controlling the deposition process.

Water circulator with temperature control

I built a water circulator that can supply heated or chilled water to various other shop projects. 

Eurotherm 2132 with platinum RTD (eBay)
CPC quick-disconnect hose fittings (eg McMaster 5012K79)