Saturday, July 1, 2017

World's smallest lightbulb flasher? Flashing Light Prize 2017

I built an extremely small lightbulb flasher and describe the design process and challenges. This video is free for Patreon subscribers, and if I win the contest prize, I will donate the winnings to a STEM education charity.

2017 Flashing Light Prize:

Source of micro light bulbs:

Single Schmitt inverter:

The SR416 cell is the smallest primary power source available:

Spot Welder:

Big thanks to Tektronix for very useful test gear. Much appreciated!

Applied Science on Patreon:


  1. Nice Keithley SMU! Haven't seen that one before.

    1. Yeah, this thing is really cool! The Signal Path blog has a couple really good product review videos on this SMU.

  2. There are smaller batteries, f.e. the Seiko MS412FE-FL26E which is 4.8mm x 1.2mm - available at DigiKey. It's rechargeable and probably wouldn't be a plug-in replacement for your circuit due to the different voltage/current. On the other hand it already has tabs, which would help out other builders that may not have a spot welder handy or who don't have experience welding onto lithium batteries.

  3. Hey ben ~ love the channel just interested if the super high pressure videos you alluded to are in the works ~~ also i personally would find more on medical imaging ~MRi ~ liquid /// and supercritical helium to be very interesting ~ oscar