Sunday, February 25, 2018

Making YBCO superconductor

How to make and test your own pieces of YBCO superconductor.

Best how-to resources for YBCO:  -- I couldn't get this to work.

All chemical purchased on eBay.

The kiln that I used:

Colored ferrofluid:

Pax temperature logger:

Keithly SMU:

Applied Science on Patreon:


  1. Hi ben, I have been following your content for a long time and I have been using Cryocoolers with a variac. What amperage and voltage are you typically running your cooler at? I have run mine at 15-18volts ac but have no way to monitor it. Thank you very much for posting this! Would it be possible for you to post any specifications as well? Thank you. - Collin W.

  2. Collin, the cryocooler is rated for 140W continuous, but the original drive circuitry in the Superfilter was capable of 155W. My Variac is rated at 10 amps output, so I'd typically run the cryocooler at about 9.5A, which came out to very close to 140W of input power to the Variac. Losses in the Variac are about 5-10W.