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I previously worked on Virtual Reality and other hardware at Valve.  I currently work at Google[x].

Prior to starting at Valve, I built computer peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and joysticks that were designed to be used inside MRI machines.  My company, Mag Design and Engineering, sold these devices directly to researchers at academic institutions who used them to publish scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals.

After work, I spend time on many different types of projects that usually involve circuit design, machining, material selection, and general fabrication/hacking.  My favorite place to be is my home workshop.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fiberoptic mouse with quadrature encoders and custom shutter buttons

Here's another project similar the the fiberoptic joystick that I built. It uses the same 62.5 micron telecom fiber to sense X/Y velocity as well as two buttons in a standard computer mouse. This mouse is designed to be used in environments were electrical signals cannot be tolerated.


  1. Hum... What can I say...

    That's just impressive... Useless in some cases, so indispensable!

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  3. EsA, I have mostly closed my business, and am no longer selling customized MRI-compatible devices. You may want to contact Current Designs for other fiberoptic equipment (search for "current designs fiberoptic"). In all honesty, you may be able to solve some problems of the sufferer by suggesting a different sort of treatment. Sensitivity to weak non-ionizing electric fields is almost certainly psychosomatic, and treatment with placebo or therapy would probably be most effective.