Monday, April 25, 2011

Piezoelectric Braille system with PC parallel port control and HV transistors

Here's a project that makes use of these electronic Braille characters:

I built a bunch of transistor amplifiers and use two 74hc373 chips driven by the parallel port to control the state of both Braille characters.

Excellent resource for PC parallel port control:


  1. I definitely appreciate when you bring us up to speed on the fundamentals. I've been doing software for a decade, but I am very new to things like circuits, parts, or anything physical really.

  2. I think the range of your videos thus far has been really useful. For me it's not the complexity of the finished product that matters so much, it's the explanations of the design process. Anyone can sit down and figure out how a schematic works, but it's the design process that is the hard bit for us hobbyists.

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