Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fixing file permissions in Vista

I downloaded some MP3 files from, and put them into my shared music folder on a Vista computer. Surprisingly, they didn't appear in my music player when I connected to the Vista machine with a client Windows XP machine. I could see all the other MP3 in the folder, but not the files from I right-clicked on a working file and compared the file permissions to a non-working file. Sure enough, the non-working file was missing permissions for "authenticated users". I guess the lala app normally creates files with restrictive permissions. Windows explorer, when making a copy, will make files that are readable through Windows file sharing. I tried to fix the permissions through Vista's dialog boxes -- a hugely complicated and difficult process.

Instead, I found this:
icacls c:\ben\music /grant "Authenticated Users":F /t

This fixed all files in one command!

You can run icacls all by itself to see its usage.

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