Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Interactive model of a 3D printer for teaching

I built a simple working model of a 3D printer for demonstration at a school. My intention is to show the students how 3D printers work at their most basic level. The model provides a hands-on activity and can create alphabetic letters or other small souvenirs that the kids can take with them.


  1. Interesting for beginners. By the way , what do you think about this open source project ? (see the video at the end of the page) :

  2. Looks neat! The resolution is way better than a gantry-mounted melted plastic jet dispenser. It's interesting that the site's comments have all focused on the patent/open-source discussion and not the printer itself.

    It looks like these guys have already published the technical details: So getting a patent on this process may not be possible.

    I invent things for a living, and I am generally in favor of a major patent system overhaul. In the earliest days, the patent system probably worked well and protected the research and development time that an inventor put into an idea. Nowadays, it doesn't seem to work that way. The only people making money with patents are patent attorneys. Patents do more to stifle innovation than they do to protect and encourage it.

  3. Thank you for the link , it's a very interesting page . Now I have a good source for this 3d printer .
    First time I meet an inventor making inventions for a living !
    Until now I have made no cent from my inventions, I hope in the future . So making a living from inventions seems an impossible task for me !

  4. marvelous! You are a very inteligent person that uses his mind in 100% with 100% time efficiency!

  5. Hi Ben
    how do you call that red thing precisely, a webjack? Couldn't find it to order one. Any links?

  6. Ben, merci beaucoup.
    At first when I did think to hear it right, I saw this And thats a different thing :-) So I start guessing/messing the words.
    Thanks again.

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