Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cat feeder improvements (video)

This is just a repost for people who are not subscribed to my youtube channel.



  1. This is cool. I'm a very green beginner at electronics, and this seems like a good project to be working on during learning ;)

  2. If the Atmel is a micro processor it would be fun to add a display and some controls so it can handle the timing function too. It might also be nice to add a photocell so it can tell if it's actually dispensing any food. Well, perhaps if you do that you need a speaker too so it can beep to tell you it's out of food! Even better: Add a cell phone so it can text you ;)

  3. Hi Ben, I'm in the process of attempting this build and was wondering what torque that stepper motor puts out?

    many thanks!

  4. Andrew, the motor has no torque rating, but is spec'd at .3A at 24V. The gearbox may or may not have been necessary. I used it only because it was already mounted in the project from the original motor. Good luck!