Monday, May 7, 2012

Whipped chocolate made with high pressure nitrous oxide

I made some whipped chocolate by melting standard semi-sweet morsels, and applying nitrous oxide at 250 psi. I then dispensed the melted, gassified chocolate into a chilled vacuum chamber, then applied a vacuum to create large bubbles within the chocolate. I maintained the vacuum level while the chocolate solidified with the bubbles still intact. This process yields a dessert that is very low-density, and has a very pleasant airy texture.


  1. Ben, during your gourmet chocolate making process you use a compressor for pulling your vacuum. Where did you get it ? It's quite. I'm looking for a small compressor to provide 30 to 35 psi to automate my neck traction unit. Thanks, Dave

  2. dgrindel, it's actually a 3 CFM vacuum pump from Harbor Freight. It's designed for air conditioner service. You may want to check out Harbor Freight's airbrush compressors for low volume and low-noise applications.