Monday, January 14, 2013

Timelapse video of crystal growth in novelty toy

I used my programmable turntable and camera control to create a timelapse video of crystal growth on a small novelty toy. I took one photo (1920x1080) every two minutes, and advanced the turntable by about 3/4 of a degree between photos. I encoded the photos into a 29.97fps timeline in Adobe Premiere, but used two video frames for each photo, so 1 second of playback = 15 photos = 30 minutes. I covered the windows in my shop with black plastic to prevent sunlight from changing the scene as morning arrived. Each exposure was 1/10 at ISO100 f/8, with standard fluorescent lighting in my shop.


  1. Looks like a beefy slew ring. More deets on the turntable, please!

  2. super inexpensive slew rings can be found on ebay.
    A cursory search fond these

    you'll have to be creative with the search
    slewing rings yielded only one slew ring $$$