Monday, August 25, 2014

Hydrogenation: transform liquid oil into solid fat

Learn the science behind the buzzwords surrounding saturated, unsaturated, omega-3 and trans fats, and see a demonstration of hydrogenation.


  1. Very interesting video, thank you for your work.
    I have two questions : how did you filter the palladium coated carbon (I only saw a paper filter) ?
    And, of course : what does the final product taste like :)

  2. Anonymous, I used 11-micron filter paper, which is all that I have. It catches most of the catalyst, but there is still a trace that gets through the filter. I'd probably need 1-micron paper to catch all of it.

    My glassware isn't clean enough for handling food. I'm pretty sure the product would taste like thickened olive oil ;)

  3. Many thanks for your interesting and informative videos!

    I'm pretty sure you already know this, but better to be safe than sorry, and for others too: hydrogenated (also unhydrogenated) carbon containing catalysts are easily a fire hazard when they dry or get in contact with certain solvents I think. Spontaneous combustion can happen.

    Thanks again!