Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tools and Tips #1 from Applied Science

I present some of my favorite tools and techniques from the workshop. - Support Applied Science

Cable tie gun - 5401T11

Devcon plastic welder -

E6000 adhesive -

3M DP-8005 - 7467A32

Ikea lamp -

Well nuts - 93495A130

Irwin tap wrench sockets -

Double-sided tape -

Gaffers tape -

Drill bits for plastic -

1 comment:

  1. I recently had a pair of plastic frame glasses break in half right at the middle of the nose bridge(I wish the manufacturers would make this obvious weak point a lot stronger). I tried acetone but no luck. Then I saw your article and tried the Devcon plastic welder and it works great, much better than I expected. It seems to hold the two halves stiffly so there's no wiggle at all and so far it's holding up (about 1 month). I did not try epoxy or superglue or hotglue so it's kind of hard to compare but I'm very happy with this result. It has a very strong smell (like concentrated pee) and leaves a somewhat lumpy appearance (the glue was too thick to smooth out but I used a paper clip wire end to mix and apply the glue). I taped masking tape over the lenses first to protect them and then I taped both halves onto two bricks to hold them in about the right position, I had to skew the bricks slightly and placed a quarter under one half to tilt it properly but the end result is nearly perfect. Luckily, the break was very clean so it was easy to see how they lined up then once I got the exact positioning correct, I applied the glue and after 1 day, I applied an extra layer around the original glue joint to add more strength and this worked great. I've used the E6000 before on other things but its somewhat rubbery and would not be stiff enough in this application. I didn't try any other of your suggestions.
    It seems strong enough to take everyday handling. Thanks so much Ben. I've been watching you for years now but this is the first time I've actually tried anything you've said. Keep up the good work!