Sunday, October 4, 2015

How to choose a cleaning solution

A general overview of cleaning solvents and techniques.

Solvent selection and effectiveness:

Dan Gelbart on coatings and surface cleaning:


  1. Really cool tip about using bleach.

    I'v been struggling in past trying to clean my 3D-printer glass bed for PLA with acetone. Always took several passes to get even some sort of adhension with PLA. Now recently I found this kitchen cleaning solvent with advertisement that it contains ammonia and it feels to work much better. Is the effect something similar?

    Also I heard somewhere to use newspaper paper instead of paper towels, dunno if there is any science behind that, but its easier to get that "clean" squeaking sound from the glass.

  2. Hello ben,
    When are you going to do a video on super critical xenon? maybe just for fun see how good of a cleaner it is compared to co2. Or even use other Nobel gases there non polar like co2.

    1. I've wanted to play with liquid and supercritical xenon, but it's difficult to get. A lecture bottle costs over $600, and is rare enough that most welding shops will refuse to order it. It's on my list, though.

  3. There are hundreds of cleaning solutions! really good tip for using bleach. I am going to try it. Best regards!

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