Sunday, October 30, 2016

AM transmitter for antique radios and other project updates

If you restore antique AM radios, you may have noticed that there is little or no decent music available on AM broadcast. In this video, I how how to build a very simple AM transmitter that lets you play MP3 through an antique radio.

Matching transformer:

Xtal oscillator:

MP3 player:


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  2. Hi Ben,

    Track etched membranes are etched with Ar or Kr ions or heavy radioactive ions because electrons in materials cause electron cascades and rapidly dump their energy within a few micron or less and wont travel far in straight lines.

    Also for casting polymers in AAO try colloidal electrophoretic deposition. It works with almost anything and aslong as you can remelt the particles after casting into a soling nanorod it should be fine.