Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Gas-powered waterjet cutter (and other project updates)

Build a capable waterjet cutter from a commercial pressure washer.

Cutting head -

Orifice -

Mixing tube (nozzle) -

Pressure washer -

Pressure washer hose coupling (for brazing into cutting head) -

eBay CNC milling (eg) -

Applied Science on Patreon -


  1. Hello.
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    My original query contained important background information about my reason for writing, so please refer back to that if you'd like. For the sake of brevity today, though, I will simply copy my original questions below. I hope you might reply within the next couple of days:

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    The Homeschool Resource Roadmap

  2. Tina, here is one of my responses on G+ to you:

    +Tina Hollenbeck Sorry, I haven't received your emails. I am not familiar with any of the standards that you listed, and do not have any plans to align with them. You're welcome to link to my channel or videos, of course. Please do not download, re-host or make clips of my videos. Thanks.

  3. Ben,
    Which Stainless steel bolt (size and thread pitch) did you use for your Accustream A2 Waterjet abrasive body head? Also, what size stainless tubing and ferule did you use to adapt the head?
    Thanks in advance.


  4. There are some commercial ~4500 psi pressure washers that can be had used for a $1000 or so.

    I am curious how they would perform, especially on steel and if they would be at all cost effective with the high cost of garnet.

    I'd love to see it as a finale to your waterjet videos. Love the videos, cheers.