Monday, October 8, 2018

Dry water and Burning ice: all about gas hydrates

Two unusual materials with unusual names.  I show how to make "dry" water and propane gas hydrate, which looks like ice and is flammable.

Dry water

Propane clathrate

Propane hydrate formation

Methane storage in hydrates

Propane hydrate:

Propane vapor pressure:

Fumed hydrophobic silica on eBay:


  1. I absolutely love that you're posting links directly to papers through scihub!

  2. Hi Ben... I do not know the best way to get into contact with you. I have left some comments on your YouTube channel, but I don't know if you've seen them or not. I have a very basic question for you about the Anhydrous Ammonia bending wood video. I can imagine you are extremely busy, and probably get dozens of questions per day. But if you have literally 2 minutes, I would very much appreciate your help. I love your videos!

  3. Please tell from where to get dry water

  4. Ben - What are ways to efficiently extract and collect the water from fumed hydrophobic silica that has been hydrated?