Monday, March 11, 2019

Drill through anything (conductive) with Electrical Discharge Machining

I show how to build an EDM drilling machine, describe how it works, and where to buy parts. 

Source for the arc generator:

YouTube channel:

 I used the Kflop, Kanalog, and Kstep from

OpenBuilds CNC machine:

 EDM hollow drill rods:

 EDM drill head: 

EDM drill head seals: 

Airless paint sprayer:

Water filter:

Cartridges are cheap, similar to this:


  1. Hello, sorry for posting it here, but I could not find email to you. I am an aspiring VJ and would love you use some of your science videos in my mixes. Would you kindly allow me to do that?

  2. Would it be possible to use the process to "etch"/"mill" PCBs? Copper is conductive, hence should be removed completely without any effect to the fibreglass base material. Just like CNC routing/milling PCBs with an end mill, but with EDM head instead.

  3. Hi Ben, I hope I've made intro enticing: Would you like to make Zn magnetic or test Antigravity or how about testing/VERIFYING (GS,MS, Bomb Calorimetry, FTIR, XPS, IRE, Mass H NMR, DSC and more) Dark-matter compounds?
    Reach out to me, I'll forward relevant Information. I work for AITechnology in Princeton NJ, ask for Kris.

  4. Ben you are class A intelligent... I love watching your videos....Im a beginner intermediate science student well under funded...Im into chemistry biochemistry and machines...Ive been really slow about my education... You have opened my eyes to some really awesome stuff...I would like to say thank you....I have a facebook page called general chemistry....Its not as elaborate but Im still a pretty low level student....Although Ive learned all sorts of simple stuff like arduino coding and some basic machinez, vb and c++ coding, the basic core of chemistry, fundamental medicine, learning biochem and genetics....My goal is to cure death with pluripotent stem cells....for my child and girl friend....Other than that science just later dude....

  5. I think these people may have stolen this from you. Found it on Pinterest. If you’re aware and it’s legit that you can delete this post. You’re too good to not get the credit for your work.

  6. Hi Ben,
    Amazing content! I just wanted to place this on your radar in case it's a good candidate for a next project:

  7. Moglice is expensive, im trying Tungsten Disulfide, bronze powder and marine epoxy. Thought this might be an interesting product for you. Just ordered the parts but its a field that has much talk with few results. re-conditioning a ward 2 lathe. Love your shared experiences.

  8. Hello Ben, I am a business owner in need of some EDM fabrication. Are you available for commission or can refer me? I am looking to have an espresso filter made which requires those very small clean cut holes.