Saturday, February 22, 2020

Electron microscope animation: Carbon nanotubes pulled into thread

First-ever animation of carbon nanotubes self-aligning into a thread, captured by an electron microscope (as far as I know). Electron microscope animation of phonograph needle: Toothbrush: Active integrated circuit in homebuilt electron microscope: Electron microscope image capture system:


  1. I have picked up a electron microscope from a storage unit. I thought u might want it or be interested in checking it out.

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  3. Completely off subject but you are the one youtube personality I can think of who may have the ability to investigate this; with the shortage of N95 masks, I wonder if treating a lesser mask with an oil or other substance may increase the overall safety.

    Basically, no N95 available then do this in a pinch - it'll give you a touch more safety.