Sunday, July 19, 2020

Giant glass diffusion pump and cathode ray tube demo

This vacuum diffusion pump is made entirely of glass so we can see how it works. I also show a CRT built from a glass lab flask. The pump was bought on Amazon! Diffusion pump instructions translation: I used DC-704 silicone diffusion pump oil: The tabletop burner and fuel are commonly found at Asian supermarkets. Phosphor paint: Water chiller: Support Applied Science on Patreon:


  1. Barium Tungsten alloy.
    Barium for electron emission and Tungsten for filament longevity.

  2. Dear Ben, I really enjoy your videos on Youtube. I just now watched the ammonia purification video. I felt compelled to comment. My first ever comment. I hope this message finds you well. The storage container you chose is most likely furnace brazed. I have opened these vessels. When I heard your instruction of no copper or brass, I was immediately concerned with your choice of storage. I hope all is well. PLEASE REVISIT YOUR AMMONIA if you have not already. Keep up the good, and AMAZING work.