Sunday, January 9, 2022

Olestra (zero calorie cooking oil) - chemical synthesis and taste test

I synthesized olestra from biodiesel, sugar, and soap with a sodium metal catalyst. I also describe some of the history of olestra's development.

Procedure that I used (Example 1) 

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  1. A warning: DO NOT eat food cooked with olestra: while olestra is not toxic, the reason it has zero calories is that human digestive tract is unable to absorb it. So, it is expelled with feces, causing an unpleasant effect called steatorrhea

  2. To put this another way, don't use olestra in any way, shape or form.
    It was marketed as a way to give those wanting to lose weight a temporary fat malabsorption syndrome. Anal leakage was the '-ve consequence' of a fatty meal! This is behavior modification at it's best. Sort of like "pray the gay away" but with fat. "Crap the fat away!" Both, exceedingly ineffective at what they purport to do! :)