Monday, November 2, 2009

Drinking glass carrier

This project was inspired by a brew-pub in San Francisco called the Beach Chalet. They have a "beer sampler" on their menu that includes small portions of six of their beers. The beers are served in small glasses that fit into a wooden rack. Neat!

It's been a while since I have been to the Beach Chalet, so I don't remember their wooden sampler rack in detail. That's just as well, since I wanted to design my own anyway. I used maple, walnut, and bloodwood (the same woods that I always use) in this project. The central brass rod is threaded from its midpoint to the bottom and it passes all the way through the wood top and base. A brass nut and washer clamp the top of the rack and another washer and nut are located under the base. The set of nuts clamp the top to the base with no danger of a glue joint breaking (the end-grain to side-grain glue joints aren't very reliable). The brass rod has a hole drilled through it near the top, and a small brass ring is mounted in it for easy carrying. The ring was sealed shut with silver solder.


  1. why not carry the whole bottle?

  2. It is a sampler. The server pours a different beer in each glass, then brings it to the table. Did you read any of the text in this blog post, or did you just miss the few lines above the picture?