Monday, November 10, 2014

Color-changing Zinc Oxide -- and submit your questions for Ben

Submit your questions for Ben in the comments section for a Q and A session next week.

Heating zinc oxide with a blow torch causes it to turn from a white powder into a golden yellow.  The process reverses when the substance cools back down to room temperature.  The heat drives out some oxygen from the ZnO lattice, cause some locations to have a Zinc metal ion.  This disruption in the lattice is able to absorb more blue and violet light, causing the overall substance to look yellow.

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  1. Hi Ben,
    I was hoping that you'd explain a little bit about how monocrystalline materials are made, what they're good for, and if anything like that can be fabricated in a home setting. (The home setting being on the order of your home lab-- well equipped, but not a manufacturing facility.)
    I've seen monocrystalline steel, quartz, and silicon mentioned but if there's other stuff out there, that would be neat to hear about as well.