Saturday, May 8, 2021

The best projects from 10 years of Applied Science

 Liquid oxygen BBQ -

Fondant cake making -

Scanning Electron Microscope -

Transcranial magnetic Stimulation -

Supercritical CO2 chamber -

LED in a contact lens -

Pop Rocks candy -

X-Ray backscatter -

X-Ray CT -

Cookie Perfection Machine -

LCD - and

Vinyl LP in electron microscope -

Silicon etching rugate optical filters -


  1. 10 years of inspiring stuff. Thanks Ben

  2. Ben, I have a project suggestion for you. We as humans only see a sliver of the electromagnetic spectrum. Radio telescopes help us to see RF in far off distances in space, but what about the RF environment in the world around us? Is it possible to build a portable/transportable tunable radio telescope that would allow you to see a variety of frequencies in the RF spectrum; WiFi, Cellular Band, AM/FM radio...etc? There is a YouTube video presented by The Thought Emporium, "Building a Camera That Can See WiFi | Part 3 SUCCESS!" that sets the stage for the refinement of this suggestion. Thanks!