Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bent TIG electrode = trailing shield?

Do you think this looks messed up?

Check out the welds that I can make with the messed up electrode. This is 1/16" 304:
I purposefully bent the electrode in the direction that I was moving the TIG torch. That way, there was a lot more gas coverage behind the arc than in front. It worked wonderfully! Even near the edge, the heat buildup was much less of a problem. I think the next step will be to make a trailing shield for the torch. Trailing shields are available, but only for amazingly high amounts of money. One alternative might be the "Monster nozzle". It could be large enough to act as a trailing shield.


  1. do you still use your everlast welder

  2. Anonymous, I still use the welder. Search for "welding cans" on youtube to see a video in which I weld aluminum soda cans with this welder.