Monday, March 30, 2009

Improved stainless welds with large gas lens

My new TIG parts just arrived today, and I had to do a quick test. In short, the large gas lens makes a huge difference. Take a look at this beast: #12 cup with "large gas lens" and 1/16 tungsten

I am using the same exact 1/16" thick SS304 sheet metal that I have been practicing with all along:

Compare that weld bead to the pair of beads in my previous post. All settings are exactly the same except for the gas lens. Well, I guess I was using .040" tungsten in the previous post, but that should have helped if anything.

Here's a few more. I've heard that "salmon color" is the best thing a stainless welder can hope for. I changed the flow rate from 10 to 20 CFH going from top to bottom -- not much difference. The bottom bead had a longer post-flow, so the tail of the bead has less purple/blue.

The backsides of these welds are pretty messed up. I'll report about the Solar flux later.

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