Monday, March 23, 2009

Aluminum welding progress

I ordered a bunch of aluminum parts from eBay and McMaster. I've spent a few afternoons just cutting the metal into random parts and TIG welding it back together

I've made a few coupons to test the five basic weld types:

* Butt
* T-joint
* Open corner
* Lap joint
* Edge

The above picture only shows a T-joint and open corner, since those are my best types.

This pipe doesn't do anything useful, unfortunately. I just made random cuts on my miter saw, rotated the two pieces 180*, then welded them.

I'm still working on getting nice, consistent beads, but they have good penetration, and I'm getting a lot more confident with aluminum.


  1. Hey bro.. Love your work.. I like the fact that you have knowledge of various materials.. I'd like to chat sometime... My email is Give me a shout out..

  2. Thanks! I hope to have some stainless TIG information up here pretty soon. I've been experimenting with thin 304, and it's pretty tricky -- even more difficult than aluminum in some ways. If you have any project ideas, send them my way. Then, I could weld things that are actually useful.