Monday, September 13, 2010

Remote focus control for telescope (remote follow focus)

The chips in the control circuit are:

Avago HCTL-2032-SC quadrature decoder
E-lab EDE1200 stepper control
Generic 558 timer for simple oscillator

Hi-res version

Moon at f/6.3 1/320 at ISO100. The lens is approx 1260mm (telescope with focal reducer).

Composite shot of Jupiter with its moons.


  1. Hello!!

    Your remote focus control is pretty good :)
    Can you upload a image or a link with the circuit diagram? (I'm new to electronics...)

    Thank you for your time

  2. Edgar, thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, I do not have time to write a complete schematic. Have you built projects similar to this before? Do you have a specific question about my circuit?

  3. hello

    Could you draw the schematic for the box? , and describe the elements of what is built remote control and what the engine it is? . Your idea is the best of all known to me and I really want to build it, please :)
    I found a similar idea but yours is better

  4. Meme, I don't have time to write a complete schematic (as I said in the comment directly above yours, and in the comments on youtube). I described how the circuit works in good detail, giving all chip part numbers. The motor came from a surplus store, so it's unlikely you would be able to get another exactly like it anyway. Please feel free to ask specific questions, but I cannot write a complete schematic.