Friday, September 3, 2010

Youtube speed and partner program

I have a couple questions for anyone reading this:

1. Does ATT DSL suck? I live in the SF Bay Area, and the speed on youtube is often acceptible, but 720p sometimes has problems playing and even 480p sometimes has problems because of limited bandwidth. 1080p never works smoothly. I am fairly certain the the DSL link itself is not the problem because while a video is paused due to lack of data, I can go to other websites in other browser windows, or even run a DSL speed test and get decent speed. So, it seems that either youtube itself is slow, or ATT has a crappy connection to youtube servers, or is actively throttling bandwidth. Look at this (

My ISP is AT&T, and I have 3 Mbit DSL. I am not sure why youtube doesn't have any view data for me personally. It might have something to do with firefox privacy settings or Adblock Plus. In any case, this looks really disappointing. It makes me want to sign up for Comcast. What are your thoughts?

2. Is the Youtube partner program (revenue sharing) worthwhile? After my last blog post ran on hackaday (attracting a couple thousand views to my video), youtube invited me to become a partner. At first I thought that I would definitely do it, but now I think I might pass. When I started to create an AdSense account, the signup page looked all messed up. At that point I realized Adblock Plus was preventing my browser from loading the css for the entire page. I think it would be a little hypocritical to force ads on other people, while I myself hate them with a passion. I am thinking the world has enough advertisements, and the amount of money that I could make from these videos is probably very small. Youtube will not disclose how much they pay, and after searching the net, I found that youtube partners are not allowed to tell other people how much they make or what the pricing structure is. How insecure is youtube that they don't want anyone to know how much money is to be made? If there were a lot to be made, surly they would want to advertise the fact?

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  1. I have no experience with AT&T, but my limited experience with Comcast has me thinking that they could do much much better, and I have a friend who seemingly loves them.
    I think that even if you only make a small amount from the partner program, it's for things you would have done anyway, so why not benefit from it? You may be pleasantly surprised, just look at that guy KipKay, there has to be a reason for his continuing to do what he does.

    BTW, love your blog. I came here due to your scanning electron microscope shown on Hackaday.